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Specialist agro-equipment
Docks, weihing pen, platform...
The handling and contention of animals in an industrial environment requires installations satisfying strict criteria, including :
      - operator and animal safety,
      - fluidity of transit,
      - tough equipment.
The success of a project depends upon the exact definition of the operating plan : this is the most important stage ! At this stage, we advise you and suggest solutions. We then perform a comprehensive service from preparing the layout drawings right to the start of start-up of the installation. The equipment we offer you is manufactured using industrial technology already tested in the most demanding environments.
Your guarantee is our undertaking about the operation.
 Our agro-equipment technicals cards  
    - Unloadind and loading dock / Reception corridor
    - Hydraulic identification / Weihing pen
    - Manuel cattle crush for identification
    - Individual front exit free stalls for large cattle
    - Zero contact free stalls
    - Safety and handling equipment
    - Grasser scales and sorter
    - Stockpens for large cattle and grassers for allotement
    - Equipment for small cattle
    - Small cattle anesthesia
    - High density polyethylene panel
    - Hydraulic unloading platform

  handling and contention of animals in an industrial environment

agro equipment